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The Crisis Response Simulation Exercise 2023

The School of Social Science of the University of Georgia is pleased to announce the launching of the application process for the next Crisis Response Simulation Exercise 2023.  

The Simulation Exercise is an annual event, organized by the School of Social Sciences of the University of Georgia (UG), in partnership with international and local organizations and conducted within the framework of UG Security Platform (UGSP).

The topic of the Crisis Response Simulation Exercise 2023 is “The Challenges of the Georgia’s European Integration” and the aims of the simulation exercise are as follows:

  • Generation of the optimistic scenario of the European integration for Georgia;
  • Identification of space and options for the domestic political compromise & consensus building that would stimulate intensification of Georgia’s European integration process;
  • Facilitation of Georgia’s society and political parties’ consolidation around the European integration agenda.

The Simulation Exercise will be divided into two parts: Initially, intensive thematic teaching will be offered to the participants on the topics that are relevant of the Simulation Exercise. The teaching will be conducted from the end of January through February 2023, and last 40 hours in total; Next, participants will be involved in two-day long table-top gaming (pre-developed scenario-based role playing), which is scheduled for the second half of February, 2023.

The Simulation Exercise is designed for:

  • Representatives of the political parties of Georgia;
  • Advanced level BA-and MA level students who are part of relevant programs (such as International Relations and Political Science);

In order to apply for the participation in the Simulation Exercise please complete the following fields.     

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Please submit a Letter of Motivation no more than 250 words

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