Public Discussions

Public Discussion:

"The causes, consequences and experience gained from the Russo-Georgian War in 2008"

The purpose of the discussion is not only to analyze the causes and consequences of Russia’s aggression, but also to discuss the steps taken by the Georgian state since 2008 to strengthening the statehood, increasing international support and limit Russia’s aggressive policy.



Dr. Shalva Dzebisashvili – Associate Professor (The University of Georgia)

Tornike Sharashenidze – Professor (Georgian Institute of Public Affairs)

Gia Japaridze – Lecturer (University of Georgia)

Zurab Agladze – (Georgian Strategic Analysis Center)

Irakli Tabliashvili - (TV Broadcast Formula

Public Discussion:

"August War” and Its Consequences"


Gia Japaridze – Research Fellow/The University of Georgia

Public Discussion:

"Racism, a Divided Society, and The Failure of State Institutions. Events in the USA and Parallels with Georgia"

A brief history of racism in the US and its current status.

Racism and the divided society in the US, Left vs. Right;

The phenomenon of American police.

Why does police often use excessive force?

Georgian reality and parallels with the current events in the US.

Is there a systemic problem of police violence in Georgia and of the police as a law-enforcement agency?

Racism and nationalism in Georgia – Expected threat and consequences;

Who may be interested in stirring up the troubles both in the US and Georgia?



Dr. Lasha Dzeisashvili – The Head of the Political Sciences and International Relations programs;

Dr. Gigi Tsiklauri – Lecturer at the University of Georgia;

Public Discussion:

Russia's new foreign-policy concept - threats and challenges

Within the discussion framework, Kakhaber Kemoklidze - Political secretary at “For Georgia” and Vazha Sopromadze - research fellow at the UGSP reviewed updated Russia’s foreign policy concept, possible threats and challenges coming from Kremlin in the regional and global context, with a particular focus on Georgia and South Caucasus. 

Duscussion was moderated by Giorgi Bilanishvili - research fellow at UGSP. 

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