"After the War in Ukraine: Prospects and Implications for Europe and South Caucasus"

June 9, 2023
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About UG Security Platform (UGSP)

About UGSP

Originated from the UG Security Conference 2019, the UGSP (UG-Security Platform) expanded its focus area and created a unique platform, which provides space for academic and policy discussions in the area of regional security, military, political system and regime developments and aims at permanent development in providing best expertise and policy solutions in the mentioned focus areas from regional (South Caucasus) perspective. UGSP incorporates various activities from the high level annual conference down to academic research and publication, student seminars, policy and crisis simulation exercises and online/video blogs or discussions. The ultimate objective is to form a solid regional knowledge hub of first choice for security, policy and academic communities in Georgia and abroad.

UGSP’s mission is to:

  • Strengthen Georgia’s security and defense sector by identifying and analyzing national security and defense challenges; initiate debates on defense and foreign policy issues that result in policy recommendations and solutions.
  • Contribute to enhancing Georgia’s intellectual role within NATO and the EU by developing forward-looking and innovative research, policy ideas and strategic solutions for the common European and transatlantic security and defense agenda;
  • Raise public awareness and stimulate research and public debate on broader security, the nexus between national and societal security and resilience, security and good governance, institutional as well as sustainable development from the regional perspective.
  • Explore new ways and conceptual approaches to the complex issue of regional security and contribute to regional and cross-regional intellectual cooperation

In pursuit of its mission, UGSP:

  • Conducts research and publications;
  • Organizes a major annual event – UGSP Students Simulation & Exercise;
  • Organizes the Annual UGSP Conference
  • Publishes policy papers and analytical reports;
  • Conducts various outreach and networking activities

About the University of Georgia

The University of Georgia, a biggest private high educational center in Georgia, bringing together up to eight thousand students in six independent departments/schools (social sciences, law, technology, humanities, business administration, and health science). Since its entry into the national system of education the university grew rapidly and increasingly established itself as an attractive educational center in the region, attracting more than 500 international students annually from various regions of the globe. This tendency was especially noticeable by the rapid growth of student number from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria. Thanks to the suitable geographic location of Georgia, its cultural mosaic serving as a bridge between the Europe and Asia, and liberties provided by the society undergoing deep liberal democratic transition, more and more young women and men from the neighboring regions decide to come and study here.

The UG offers a big advantage to its students by joining the educational programs that share the highest European educational standards and are fully recognized by EU-countries. The UG is highly engaged internationally and pursues the objective of developing tailored educational programs for the students/scholars across the region and furthermore, to strengthening values of liberal and open societies worldwide

About the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences can be proud of its fruitful cooperation with local, regional and global think-tanks, non-governmental institutions and universities and is actively engaged in academic and policy relevant discussions in the fields of contemporary global and regional security challenges, globalization and transparency. In 2019 it launched a discussion platform, initially titled the UG Security Conference 2019 and ultimately transformed into the UG Security Platform (UGSP), within which the most acute issues of regional security can be discussed and policy recommendations formulated.

Established in 2004, the School of Social Sciences of the University of Georgia (UG) is a leader in providing best academic curricula and training in the areas of political science, international relations, journalism, PR and psychology. The UG spent significant efforts in providing best academic and infrastructural standards in line with the modern requirements. The School in particular puts a great emphasis on the healthy mix between the value of innovative study approaches and the benefits of traditional teaching. Students are offered the variety of opportunities to put test their knowledge in the practice, undergo training and internships, and acquire skills and knowledge, in the specific study areas critical for future employment

Students can apply both for BA and MA-programs and decide which area studies their want to concentrate on, for deepening their academic qualification. So, for instance in the field of international relations, the School introduced a newly developed MA-program of Global and Security Studies, where applicants can decide to follow one of the two trucks of the program (Defense and Security, or Global Governance and Diplomacy). Furthermore, for those, who are aiming at continuing their research and career primarily in academia, the School offers a newly updated doctoral degree program in political science.

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