Students’ Simulation & Exercises

Students’ Simulation & Exercises:

"Crisis Response Simulation Exercise 2021"



Crisis Response Simulation Exercise is an event organized by the School of Social Sciences of the University of Georgia (UG) and supported by the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC). The Exercise, a multiday table-top simulation game, is based on a pre-developed crisis scenario and aims at testing the quality of the national preparedness and resilience, as well as the effectiveness of the normative and procedural (policy) mechanisms, given the existing threats and challenges and the capabilities owned by organizations and agencies (state internal and international ones) relevant to the crisis scenario.  


The project is designed for advanced level BA and MA level student in the field of IR and political science (incl. PR, PP and mass communication) as well as professionals from relevant state organizations and municipalities (20 each group, 40 in total). Along with the objective to analyze the degree of state resilience on national and local levels in a specific scenario-based context, the exercise offers its participants and intensive thematic teaching modules within the first four weeks after the project launch (40 hours in total). Participants will have an excellent opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand competences on the broad variety of topics pertinent to crisis response and management.


The final phase of the exercise entails a two-day long table-top gaming (crisis scenario-based role playing) and the third day dedicated for the reflection and thorough analysis of exercise results and the review of all steps and decisions made during the exercise, as well as identified deficiencies and problem areas.  


Project participants will be judged and evaluated in accordance with the defined criteria to select the best performing ones that will be awarded special prices including the one-week long trip to Brussels to familiarize with the EU and NATO institutions. 


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Students’ Simulation & Exercises:

"The Student Crisis Simulation and War-Gaming 2020"



On October 5, 2020, UG School of Social Sciences in partnership with NATO Liaison Office in Georgia hosted senior year BA and MA students to participate in The Student Crisis Simulation and War-Gaming within the framework of the second annual International Security Conference: “Georgia in the Western and Russian Military Prism: "If" or "When"?


As a parallel-additional event, a pre-selected scenario-based simulation was conducted with the active participation of 30 students (also young professionals) from different Georgian universities and state agencies: The University of Georgia, Free University of Tbilisi, International Black Sea University, Ilia State University, A. Tsereteli State University, also National Defense Academy of the MOD of Georgia and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.


Students had the possibility to grasp the real policy atmosphere and the gravity of implications caused by strategic decisions. Within the framework of the simulation students worked on the 2 main following issues: Military-political decisions and holding diplomatic negotiations.


During the simulation training, various scenario development and assessment techniques were reviewed, alongside the respective impact and stakeholder analysis.


This training had also provided students with an excellent opportunity for sharing simulation findings to the parallel International Conference participants.


Participants were awarded with certificates and the 2 winners of the simulation will visit the NATO and EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

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