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Dr. Matthias Dembinski

Dr. Matthias Dembinski, Senior Researcher at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Dr. Matthias Dembinski Is a Doctor of Philosophy, Department of International Relations, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, June 1989. Dr. Matthias Dembinski was a Researcher at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Ebenhausen), 1994 – May 1996. Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt 1992 – 1994. Research Fellow at the Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, August 2001 – July 2002. Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt  1989-1991. Various lecture courses and seminars in the field of International Relations and EU studies since 1998. 

Co-leader of a research project financed by the Leibniz-Society on “Drifting Apart: International Institutions in Crisis and the Management of Dissociation Processes“ (2019 -2022) Co-leader of a research project financed by the Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung on the effects of humanitarian military interventions (2015-2016) Leader of a project on regional security organizations as building blocks of global governance, financed by the Frankfurt University Cluster Normative Orders (2013). Leader of a research project financed by the Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung on “The International Organization of the Democratic Peace” (in cooperation with the University of Tübingen), (2005-2007) He is the author of various publications  here is Five key publications: Matthias Dembinski & Dirk Peters (2019): ‘The Power of Justice. How Procedural Justice Concerns Affect the Legitimacy of International Institutions’, Global Governance, 25(1):149-170. Matthias Dembinski (2017): ‘Procedural justice and global order: Explaining African reaction to the application of global protection norms’, European Journal of International Relations, 23(4) 809-832. Matthias Dembinski & Jutta Joachim (2014): ‘Civil society and the European common security and defence policy’, European Security, European Security 23 (4) 449-465. Matthias Dembinski & Berenike Schott (2013): ‘Converging Around Global Norms? Protection of Civilians in African Union and European Union Peacekeeping in Africa’, African Security, 6 (3-4) 276-296. Matthias Dembinski et. al. (2011), ‘Democracy, Regional Security Institutions, and Rivalry Mitigation: Evidence from Europe, South America, and Asia’, Security Studies, 20,  378-415. 

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