Who Speaking?

Andro Gotsiridze

Founder of Cyber Security Studies and Education Center “CYSEC“. His over 20 years of working experience includes senior positions in Georgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Intelligence Services. He was a Director of the Cyber Security Bureau (MoD) in 2014-2017, Inspector General in 2012-2014 and served at the Anticorruption Bureau, Foreign and Military Intelligence services as a head of various departments in 2001-2008. 


Under his leadership, the Cyber Security Bureau developed Georgia’s first Cyber Security Policy and Strategy and has initiated number of cyber security projects, such as, Cyber Reserve and multi-componential cyber security awareness raising project. He supported to train and employ soldiers wounded in international missions as trainers in cyber security. 


Mr. Gotsiridze is Associate Professor at the Business and Technology University, he also gives lectures at the Caucasus University and International Black Sea University, Civil Servant Course organized by GFSIS (Rondeli Foundation) and Cyber Hygiene trainings in media literacy projects of Media Development Foundation. He was involved in several projects as a Cyber Security Advisor at the Georgia Innovation and Technology Agency.  Mr. Gotsiridze is co-author of Cyber Security Generic Reference Curriculum published by NATO PFPC in 2016. 


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